Volunteer Spotlight: Coleen Roberts

coleenrColeen, a member of the PTSA, since 2011, and a board member since 2014, has fulfilled many volunteer positions at Lakeview Elementary. She has been classroom volunteer, room parent, party parent and art docent over the years her now 4th grade daughter, Eliana, has been at Lakeview. Additionally, she has donated time to events such as Family Dance Night, Art Walk, Science Fair and Back to School BBQ. She is a familiar face at the Marathon, as the coordinator of this fabulous event. Finally, Coleen has given hundreds of hours to her work as PTSA treasurer. When not volunteering at Lakeview, Coleen enjoys gardening and reading.

In thinking about the future of Lakeview PTSA, and reflecting on her time as a volunteer and parent, Coleen hopes that parents would “understand all that the PTSA does and that the fundraising is needed to support all of the day to day, not just special big ticket items. She would like people to recognize the importance of volunteering not just in the classroom but for the school in PTSA positions and support roles. In conjunction with this, Coleen states that her pet peeve is “asking the same group of volunteers to do more and more.”

A favorite memory for Coleen is seeing kids persevere and complete the marathon. The staff, volunteers, parents, and kids all appreciate Coleen persevering in her many volunteer roles at Lakeview. Her time, expertise, and commitment are invaluable. Thank you Coleen!