Bike to School 2018 – May 16

Lakeview is celebrating Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 16 2018!

All grades are welcome to participate in Bike to School Day and park bikes at school, please remember that K-3 graders must ride with an adult both to and from school.

Bike Trains on the Cross Kirkland Corridor

What’s a bike train? It’s a group of students who bicycle to school together accompanied by one or more adults.

Biking to Lakeview from the south:
Leader: Mr. Coulter
Starting Location: Mile 0 at 108th Ave NE (beginning of the path)
Meeting Time: 8:30 am
Distance: 1.75 miles

Biking to Lakeview from the northeast:
Leader: Katherine Koss and Mike Koss
Starting Location: Everest Park Parking Lot
Meeting Time: 8:30 am
Distance: .7 miles

Note: You may join the bike trains at any point along the trail. See a Cross Kirkland Corridor Map

Please remember to bike safely! Here are some tips:

    • Evaluate your readiness for the ride
    • Always wear a helmet, it’s the law
    • Do a quick bike check – ABC – air, brakes, chain
    • Remember to ride on the right side of the path, just like on a road
    • Leave enough space between riders

Looking for more Bike Month opportunities and challenges?
Students are invited participate in the Cascade Bike 2 School Challenge by doing the following:
1. Sign up at to participate using this link
2. Track your minutes with the Calendar
3. Submit it to your classroom teacher by Friday, June 8 2018 (teachers please put completed forms in PTSA box)

Note that you may record miles for any bike rides you take in May. Parents, students, siblings, and staff can join the Lakeview Bike Month Challenge.

Please direct questions to lakptsabike2school@gmail.com