Submit News

Do you have an article or “Thank You” for the Leopard Tales, the website, or the Lakeview PTSA Facebook page?

Simply email the newsletter editor & web team the information you want to publish. Let us know which forms of communication you’d us to use, and include the text any links to any added information you want us to use. Please check the Lakeview PTSA publication guidelines if you have questions regarding the content we include.

Here is our recommended schedule for communicating upcoming events:

  • Leopard Tales The article should go in the Leopard Tales closest to the event. The Leopard Tales Newsletter is published every two weeks (schedule is below). Articles must be submitted by the Wednesday before the newsletter is published.
  • Website The event should already be on the website when the newsletter goes out so the newsletter can link to the website
  • Facebook A post should go out on Facebook one week before the event, and a reminder post will happen 1 day before the event
  • PeachJar flyers For PTSA-sponsored events please submit them at least 10 days before the event.
  • Email Reminder We use these somewhat sparingly so as not to spam the parents, but for certain events, we can send an email reminder 2-3 days before the event

PTSA Newsletter Schedule 2017-2018

9/10: Deadline 9/6
9/24: Deadline 9/20
10/8:  Deadline 10/4
10/22: Deadline 10/18
11/5: Deadline 11/1
11/19: Deadline 11/15
12/10: Deadline 12/6

1/14: Deadline 1/10
2/4: Deadline 2/7
2/18: Deadline 2/14
3/11: Deadline 3/7
3/25: Deadline 3/21
4/15: Deadline 4/11
4/29: Deadline 4/25
5/13: Deadline 5/9
5/25: Deadline 5/22 **Early due to Memorial Day**
6/10: Deadline 6/6