Join the Lakeview PTSA

Why should I join the PTSA?

The Lakeview Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) supports many programs which are no longer funded by state and district budgets. Click here to see all the programs at Lakeview supported by the PTSA.

Membership in the Lakeview PTSA includes

What are my responsibilities after I join?

Membership in the PTSA does not require any particular action on your part. We hope that you will attend one of our member meetings during the year, but attendance is not required. We also have many opportunities to volunteer at PTSA-sponsored events if you are interested in getting more involved. See our list of committees and volunteer opportunities.

How much does it cost?

A family membership is $25 or an individual membership is $16.

When do I join?

PTSA membership drives take place in the fall, but you can join any time of the year. PTSA membership is good for one school year.

If you have membership questions, please contact the membership team at