Academics | Fall 2012 Survey Results

The survey results made it clear that academics are very important to Lakeview parents and staff. This hight priority for academics is shared by the PTSA and reflected by the fact that the majority of the Lakeview PTSA’s budget is spent on academic programs and enrichment, such as Accelerated Reader and IXL for math. This year the PTSA has allocated 75% of the budget on academic support and education enrichment programs. The school website has an academics section which will shortly be updated to include details about many of the great programs.These programs include a number of “learning at home” activities that can supplement the school curriculum. A great example is IXL, a comprehensive, standards-aligned practice program offering unlimited problems in thousands of math skills. One of the best things about IXL is that students can access it from school and from home!

Reflecting on how the PTSA could further contribute, the PTSA has funded the ReflexMathprogram. This is a another great online program that helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The program is aimed at students in grade 2 or above who understand the basic concepts behind the operations (addition and subtraction or multiplication and division).  Instructions on how to access this from home will be sent out soon.

An area where parents have direct influence is through volunteering – either in the classroom or through enrichment activities. Your volunteer time in the classroom and around the school is greatly appreciated and makes a positive contribution to the student experience at Lakeview. The teachers would love to have volunteers driving book and math clubs during lunchtime; so please email if you are interested in helping.

The following is a ranking of where people prefer to invest funding based on the survey feedback:


As state funds for education continue to be tight, the PTSA’s ability to pay for these classroom tools becomes increasingly critical. Without donations to the PTSA and volunteers in the classroom, Lakeview would lose many essential reading and math tools and programs. We hope to be able to continue with the programs we already have – and to make changes for the future. If you have other suggestions, please email

Here are just some of the wonderful academic programs & enrichment items that the PTSA have funded in 2012/13: Accelerated Reader, IXL, Reflex, Zeno (Mathematician in Residence, monthly math challenge boards, math fest), 4th/5th grade math Olympiad, science fair, balance in motion toy maker, art program, Author/Artist in Residence, class resources for staff…..

As this is our 5th and last PTSA survey response article, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in preparing the articles, especially the committee leads: Mary Pund, Rachelle Kortus, Barbara Dettweiler & Julie Barker.