The Lakeview Elementary School Yearbook is a favorite student keepsake designed and executed entirely by volunteers. Each year volunteer photographers are recruited for each classroom. Photographers take candid photos of the classes which are included on a collage page for each class. Each page of the yearbook is created in an online program by the Yearbook Co-Chairs (and any volunteers interested in a fun design project they can work on from home!)

Order a Yearbook

2016-2017 Lakeview Yearbook order deadline is April 14, 2017

Order online at — enter the Yearbook ID Code: 11627217

Yearbooks start at $17 each, customization charges may apply.

A limited quantity might be available in June for $20 but this cannot be guaranteed.

Photographers Wanted

If you are a parent interested in volunteering as a classroom photographer, all you need is a digital camera! Point and shoot cameras are completely acceptable. We also are in need of Event and Club photographers. Please contact your student’s teacher or email the Yearbook Team

Submitting Photos

Photos are due in mid February, after classroom Valentine’s Day parties and may be submitted online to a OneDrive or on a CD or flash drive.

Look for more information about the Lakeview Yearbook in the Leopard Tales!