Art Docents

paintArt docents are parents who have a desire to explore art with kids. There’s no special teaching or art experience required… just a willingness to try something new! Ideally each classroom will have two Art Docents and a few assistants. Docents will be provided with one monthly lesson and will be encouraged to work with other docents at their grade level to create the other monthly lessons.

Where Are the Art Lessons?

Each grade has an art bin, located on the shelves in the Art Room (2nd floor in the 2nd grade shared space). The art lessons are in folders divided by month. All you have to do is look at the art lesson a few days before your scheduled session (make a copy or snap a photo with your phone–no art lessons can leave school!) and see what you’ll need for supplies. Supplies are located in the Art Room on the second floor.

There should be directions for the art lesson and an example of the finished product in the file folder, so there’s no heavy lifting. Please email with any questions or concerns… we want to support you and make it as fun and easy as possible to teach art.

How Many Times a Month do the Students Get Art Lessons?

We ask that you do at least one lesson a month. You may do more as long as you coordinate with the teacher.

Where Do We Teach Art?

Art lessons are taught in the classroom. Lakeview was originally built with a dedicated art room however due to the increasing enrollment that room has been converted to a classroom.

What If I Can’t Find the Supplies I Need?

If you can’t locate what you need for an art project, please contact us at and let us know. We can help you locate the item, or if there is enough turnaround time (at least a week), we may be able to order it for you.

Can I Create My Own Art Lesson?

Yes! If you don’t want to do the lesson that’s in the folder, you can create your own lesson plan. The folders are just there as a back up so there’s no stress for the art docents and assistants. We ask that you leave an example of your wonderful project, a supply list and directions in the Art Bin for next year! We love having new projects to share.

How Much Time Will It Take?

On the day of your lesson, you and fellow docents/assistants may want to arrive 20-30 minutes or so early so you can gather your supplies. Make sure you give yourself time to transport the supplies to the classroom. Following your lesson, don’t forget to leave yourself clean up time as well. Generally speaking, it will be 1 1/2-2 hours the day of the lesson.

What Happens to the Art?

We have a wonderful Lakeview community event in the spring called Art Walk, where every single student gets to display a piece of art. Students and their families can come and see all the fabulous work the kids have been doing and enjoy the art in a gallery-type setting. We ask that docents DO NOT send all art work home but rather save 1 or 2 projects (make sure there is an art work from every child), so that come springtime, the docents can choose their favorite art project and display it for Art Walk.

Contact Info

Art is something all the kids enjoy– so please join us and make the Art Program a success! You can reach us at