It’s fundraising time!

It’s time again for our annual PTSA fundraiser for Lakeview Elementary!


It’s fundraising week!

This year, instead of the Jog-A-Thon, we are doing a Read-a-thon!

Get ready and act on the two simple steps below in support of our school’s fundraising:

Step One: Please register your student ( so that they can start collecting donations. Use the Lakeview School Identifier # 5db1ebbaccd80.

Step Two:  Mark your calendars for the evening of Thursday, November 14th at 5:30PM for our PAJAMA PARTY READ-A-THON. It will be the culminating event for our fundraising week. First-floor classrooms and the gym will be set up with different reading stations. Bring your book, a snack, a flashlight, and anything cozy you’d like (blanket, pillow, sleeping bag). Kids–don’t forget to bring your parents!