Winter Enrichment 2020 – Register Now!

LAKEVIEW PTSA PRESENTS Winter Enrichment 2020
We are back with All-New Classes (Ukulele, Art, Coding and others) and all our favorites from the last session.  All enrichment classes for Winter 2020 will be held at Lakeview.


Registration Now Open: 


  • Drama (PM) for K-5

    • DRAMA (K-5):  Mondays, 4-5:30pm.  January 27th – March 23rd.  Cost:  $182.
    • Kids who take our classes have tons of fun and develop important confidence-building skills that will help them personally and academically. Activities include improvisations, mini-scripts, speaking skills, character analysis, theater games, creative movement, and performances. Returning students will find new and challenging activities, while new students will learn the basics in a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss out!
    • No Class on January 20th, February 17th
  • Coding (PM) for 3-5

    • CODING (GAME DEVELOPMENT) (3-5):  Mondays, 4-5pm.  January 27th – March 23rd.  Cost:  $186. 
    • Do you play games and wonder how they are created? Would you like to build your own computer programs? Come learn how at the Coding with Kids Academy! In this fun after-school class, BEGINNERS will be introduced to the core concepts of computer programming, including loops, conditionals and variables. INTERMEDIATE students will build on their previous knowledge and be introduced to more advanced concepts, such as nested conditionals and functions with parameters. Using the Scratch development environment, you will learn how to create a variety of programs, from simple animations to multi-level games. With new projects each session, you will be able to express your creativity and advance as a coder!
    • No Class on January 20th, February 17th




  • Creative Art & Science (AM) for 1-5

  • Mandarin (PM) for K-5

    • Mandarin (K-5):  Thursdays. 3:55-4:55pm.  January 23rd – May 14th. Cost: $332 (including $10 scholarship fund).
    • In Chinese program this year, students will learn about the Chinese culture and language to enrich their personal experience and develop intercultural awareness.  Students will follow lesson plans on popular topics and will expand knowledge on making simple sentences by studying vocabulary, basic verbs and sentence construction to form a phrase or question. Different activities, songs and gestures are incorporated in the lesson to encourage students with their comprehension and verbal skills. Inspired by Montessori system, the program will focus on communicating in Chinese for the students with a non-Chinese background, while developing Chinese reading and writing skills for those who already know how to speak.
    • No class on January 30th, February 13th,. April 9th
  • Piano (PM) for K-5 – class is full

    • Piano (K-5): Thursdays. 4-5pm. January 23rd – March 26th. Cost: $185
    • Kids will have the opportunity to learn to play their favorite songs and music on electric keyboards. Radio hits, movie and television themes are made so easy, that our participants will be playing them after the very first class! The club is a combination of keyboard piano lessons and a music learning workshop, which uses a clever visual method to teach the basics of music reading and piano playing. We’ve developed lots of learning games and activities designed to teach kids basic music reading skills and playing techniques, in ways that are fun, engaging, and stimulating. Whether your kids like Bruno Mars or Beethoven or music from Stars Wars, Jurassic World, Moana, Coco – we have it and more. Each participant has his/her own keyboard supplied during the class, along with headphones, and books and other materials are included.
    • No class on January 30th, February 13th.


  • Ukulele (PM) for K-3 – new signups will be waitlisted

    • Ukulele (K-3):  Fridays 4-5pm.  January 24th – March 26th.  Cost:  $164. 
    • The Lakeview Uke Group is open to students in grades K-3. The uke is an excellent instrument on which to learn how to play music. It’s relatively simple to learn, easy to tote around, inexpensive, super fun, and timelessly popular! In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele.

Questions?  Please direct all inquiries to Amel & Tamar (Enrichment Co-chairs) at Also, if you are interested in volunteering (and receiving the class free) OR in need of a scholarship, please contact us!

Download the enrichment brochure here: