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PTSA Budget

The PTSA gets its money from family contributions, PTSA memberships, and fundraisers.  Here are the details of how much money the PTSA has raised and how much it has spent over the past few years:

Lakeview PTSA 2018-2019 Budget – Approved April 26, 2018.

Lakeview PTSA 2017-2018 Budget – From September 2017.

Lakeview PTSA 2016-2017 Budget – Approved in September 2016.

If you have questions, contact the PTSA Treasurer at

Budget Creation Process

The budget is developed by a budget committee. The budget committee evaluates new budgetary requests, reviews programs that have occurred and makes recommendations to the board of directors and membership throughout the year. When it is time to prepare a budget, much of the groundwork has already been done, making the actual development of the budget more efficient.

The committee is chaired by the treasurer. Its members should include several other PTA leaders who have knowledge of what has occurred in the past and what plans are appropriate for the PTA in the future. Both incoming and outgoing officers may serve on this committee. The committee can be as large as 5-7 PTA board members and may include the president. The treasurer is the chair of the committee and brings the committee’s recommendations to the board of directors. If you are interested in joining and can’t make the meeting please contact the treasurer. Once the committee is formed at the September meeting we don’t accept new members until the next school year.

Requesting PTSA Funding

The Ways & Means Committee is always happy to hear about new programs, events or activities to support; requests can come from Lakeview staff or PTSA members. We also want to know if current funding is no longer enough to support an activity or program. Please fill out a PTSA Project Request Form and turn it in to the PTSA inbox. The more details you provide the better. According to our Standing Rules, additional requests for funds or reallocation to the budget shall be approved in the following manner:
$0-$100 – by any two Executive Committee members

$101-$500 – by a majority vote of the Executive Committee

$501-$1000 – by a majority vote of the Board of Directors

$1001+ – by a majority vote of the General Membership in attendance at a General Membership meeting

Because of this, the amount of time required to approve a request will vary depending on the amount requested. A vote by the Board or the General Membership can only take place at a meeting.

Getting Reimbursed

For approved expenditures, fill out this PTSA Reimbursement Form