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Golden Acorn Award

golden acorn sqA Golden Acorn Award is presented by the Lakeview PTSA to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth at Lakeview. A contribution in the name of the recipient(s) is made by the Lakeview PTSA to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program. From these contributions, WSPTA is able to provide grants to freshman students entering post-secondary education.

A committee appointed by the PTSA’s Executive Commitee collects nominations in the spring and the recipient(s) are presented with the Golden Acorn Award at the Volunteer Tea.

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Award Recipients:

2018-19 Cate Emerick and Andrea Mosa
2017-18 Sarah Rock
2016-17 Gia Parsons
2015-16 Karee Oliver
2014-15 Megan Gardner
2013-14 Jennelle Mullet
2012-13 Jenna Todd
2011-12 Jenny Carlson
2011-11 Karen Tipp
2009-10 Dana Laursen
2008-09 Beth Day
2007-08 Emily Staples
2006-07 Sally Lynott, Jackie MacLin and Lisa Rudolph
2005-06 Sharron Williams and Tauna Carroll
2004-05 Hege Watkins and Sharan Tisdel
2003-04 Susan Peder
2002-03 Marianne Smernis
2001-02 Jennie Walsh
2000-01 Audrey Watanabe
1999-2000 Valerie Enger
1998-99 Lori Duncan
1997-98 Anne Rider and Leslie Behrends
1996-97 Ethel Brende and Gail Alskog
1995-96 Vicki Whitney and William Strouse
1994-95 Laurie Czapiewski and Joan McBride
1993-94 Jean Gurhrie and Lisa Wozow
1992-93 Becky Rinne and June Girolami
1991-92 Paula Peterson and Joanie Rolfe
1990-91 Pam Holzemer and Jeanne Mummert
1989-90 Diane Hoff & Starr Adams
1988-89 Jill West
1987-88 Rosemary Brehm & Lois Craig
1986-87 Karen Todd & Nell Finger
1985-86 Louann Ochitree & Judy Ogliore
1984-85 Barbara Wagness, Linda Lawrence & Pam Stutzman
1983-84 Rosalie Varnes, Judy Varnes & Margie Smith
1982-83 Sandy Taylor & Lynn Nishimura
1981-82 Rita Nicely & Martha Bradshaw
1980-81 Tom Mathews
1979-80 Bill O’Brien
1978-79 Al Douglas
1977-78 Shannon Weiss & Joan Israel
1976-77 Elsa Kalber & Marilyn Love
1975-76 Helen Eagon
1974-75 Peggy Hays