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Lakeview Leopards

Lakeview Leopards

With your support, we work toward fulfilling the overall PT(S)A missions of being a powerful voice for children; providing a relevant resource for families, schools, and communities; and serving as advocates for the well-being and education of all children. Our focus is local, but our impact is much broader.

This year, we are actively thinking about new, different, and virtual ways to support our families, build community, and make sure every Lakeview student thrives. We will be working with teachers and school leaders to determine where we can best be of service to students and families in new and innovative ways.

Here’s where we need your help. Please take a few minutes today to join or renew your annual membership. Your $25 family membership in our PTSA actively supports programs that enrich academics, community and student success at Lakeview. When you join, your voice and support lifts all our efforts.





How much does it cost?

A family membership (for 2 people) is $25 or an individual membership is $16.

Where can I find staff & teacher info for PTSA?

Lakeview PTSA knows teachers, school staff and school leaders are the heart and soul of our school community.  Thank you for all you do to support PTSA!

Staff memberships can be purchased or renewed for just $10 per year

Broad staff support as PTSA members is an important endorsement of the work and programs the PTSA provides for families at Lakeview – thank you for being members with us.

Membership in the Lakeview PTSA includes:

  • supporting important enrichment opportunities and special events at Lakeview
  • support of supplementary educational programs
  • membership for Lakeview in the Washington State PTA and National PTA
  • WA State PTA discounts (see below)

More broadly, joining our local PTA also makes you a member of the Washington State PTA (WSPTA), the oldest and largest advocacy organization in the state working to help every child succeed. As a thank you for this support, WSPTA offers a number of benefits and discounts for its members. You can access these members-only benefits on the WSPTA website by using the following credentials:

  • log-in: WSPTA site | username: Membership | password: Connection2021

What are my responsibilities after I join?

Not much…  Membership in the PTSA does not require any particular action on your part, but your membership and contributions help enable PTSA programs.

We invited members to attend one or many of our member meetings during the year, but attendance is not required. In the past, we also have had many opportunities to volunteer at PTSA-sponsored events if you are interested in getting more involved.

Does PTSA need more funds than just my membership fee?

Yes.  Yes we do.  Typically our school community comes together for a few fundraisers each year, but with the at-home and potential hybrid school models for 2020-21, we need your expanded support more than ever.  At the end of last year, this amazing school community came together to raise more than $5,000 in a very small time period to ensure every Lakeview family was able to access groceries and basic supplies they needed.  To support efforts like these, general donations for the PTSA fund can be made thru our 2020-21 general fundraising page. 

When do I join?

Now!  PTSA membership drives take place in the fall, but you can join any time of the year. PTSA membership is good for one school year.

If you have membership questions, please contact the membership team at

Ready?  Set?  Join us!