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Egg Drop

See photos from the 2017 Egg Drop on the PTSA Facebook page

June 4, 2019 during Lunch Recess

Who’s ready for the egg drop challenge? Can you create a contraption that will protect an egg from a 60 foot drop? The Kirkland Fire Department will be here with their ladder truck (as long as they don’t receive an emergency call) to see whose egg will survive!


  • Your NAME, teacher’s name, and GRADE needs to be on your contraption
  • Must be safe – no helium balloons or materials that could be harmful if broken
  • Needs to be smaller than a basketball
  • No food products
  • Contraption should be ready to drop as is (with egg included)
  • Insert the raw egg in a plastic baggy before putting it in your contraption (eggs will not be provided at school)
  • Your contraption needs to be brought to the office between 8:45-9:00 am the day of the drop


  • How can you keep the egg safe? Slow fall, absorb the energy of impact, etc.
  • Which structure would be the most fun to create?
  • Have you looked on the internet for ideas?
  • Did you follow the rules?


Some ideas include: cardboard, packing materials, fabric, tape, newspaper, rubber bands, sponges, balloons, card board tubes, glue, trash bags, and string.


Please contact Jamie Tiffany  at