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Lakeview Marathon

The 2019 Marathon will take place April 18-May 31 during lunch recess. 

Marathon Finishers

The Marathon is a traditional spring-time activity at Lakeview. On marathon days, kids can run laps around the field during lunch recess.  6 laps is one mile.  158 laps is a marathon!

The marathon is open and optional to all students. For each mile students complete they earn a plastic shoe bead and if they complete a whole 26.2 miles they earn a special bead. Students who complete more than one marathon receive additional recognition.

New for 2019: students will wear personalized marathon badges with safety lanyards for the Marathon! No more lap cards to hold onto (or lose)! To track laps, volunteers will scan students’ QR codes with their smart phones using “EZ Scan.” Here are instructions to setup EZ Scan.

Marathon Daily Schedule:

  • 11:26-11:56  – Kindergarten & some 4th classes  (*see 4th grade note below)
  • 11:54-12:26  – 1st & 5th plus some 2nd grade classes (**see 2nd grade note below for Coghlan and Johnson)
  • 12:32-1:02 – 4th*
  • 1:05-1:35  – 3rd and 2nd**

*4th Grade schedule:

  • Falla – 11:26-11:56 (M, T, Th); 12:32-1:02 (W, F)
  • Adams – 11:26-11:56 (Th, F); 12:32-1:02 (M, T, W)
  • Hamilton – 11:26-11:56 (M); 12:32-1:02 (T-F)
  • Phipps – 11:26-11:56 (Th, F); 12:32-1:02 (M, T, W)

**2nd Grade schedule for Johnson, Coghlan:

  • Johnson – 11:54-12:26 (M, T, Th, F); 12:32-1:02 (W)
  • Coghlan – 11:54-12:26 (M, W, Th, F); 12:32-1:02 (T)

Volunteering & Daily Leads

As you can see Lakeview’s  recess schedule is more complex than in years past. For that reason, we are asking for more volunteers to sign up to be a “Daily Lead”. If you know you’ll have time to help several days during the 6-week Marathon and are able to be there from 11:10-12:30 (1 st shift) or from 12:30-1:45 (2nd shift), please sign up as a daily lead! There isn’t much to being a daily lead! Daily leads will help:

  • Get supplies from shed and set up cones around the field (1st shift, arriving at 11:10)
  • Take photos of finishers and upload (or email) at end of day
  • Answer questions from new volunteers
  • Return supplies and cones to shed (2nd shift, ending at 1:45)

We need 2 Daily Leads for each of the 30 Marathon days.
You can select your choice of days & times, We’ll provide more details and instructions to all Daily Leads before the Marathon begins. Sign up here:

We need additional volunteers to scan badges and cheer on the students.
Sign up to be a daily scanning volunteer . The students love to see parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other important adults in their life.  If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to download the app, you are still welcome to come cheer on students, help with setup or help take photos of marathon finishers. By volunteering a short amount of time from your day, you will help make the marathon a success.

NOTE: All volunteers must be LWSD approved and sign in at the front office before heading down to the field.

Scanning Setup & Instructions

If you want to scan laps at the Marathon, you’ll need to download an app called EZ Scan 2 in advance. It’s a very simple app that will turn your phone into a QR code scanner and then synchronize student laps with our database. There are easy-to-follow instructions here that will guide you through the quick setup. If you plan to scan laps, please install and set up the app before the Marathon starts.

EZ Scan Setup Instructions – Follow these instructions to setup the scanning app on your phone in advance.

Marathon Scanning Instructions – Read these instructions BEFORE heading down to the field to volunteer.


Questions, Etc.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please email

Thanks for volunteering your time and helping make this a fantastic experience for our Lakeview kiddos!