LWSD Volunteer Approval

The Lake Washington School District requires that every volunteer be screened every 2 years.  After 2 years, you must reapply. For more details please visit the LWSD Volunteer pageAll volunteers must apply and be approved by the LWSD school district before they can begin volunteering.

Committees and Volunteer Positions

Volunteering is a great way to support the school and get to know other families. There are many opportunities for you to share your time, ideas and talents – whether chairing a committee, volunteering at a PTSA-sponsored event, helping from home or attending a PTSA meeting, WE NEED YOU!


Classroom Volunteers

There are several opportunities to get involved in the classroom.

Room Parents
The room parent’s primary responsibility is to be a liaison between the teacher, PTSA, and the other parents in the class. See the Room Parent page for more information.

Art Docents
The Art Docent program is a parent volunteer led program. Each class has a parent volunteer or two that leads art lessons for that class. For more information on this program, please visit the Art Docents page.

Party Parents
Each classroom typically has 3 parties during the school year. Please check with your teacher to find out when they would like to have their classroom parties. The Party Parent(s) work closely with the Room Parents.

Classroom Photographer
Volunteers to make sure all students are included in the class yearbook page. The photos for the yearbook are due in February, so the classroom photographer is usually done by mid-year.

If you have any questions about these volunteer roles, you can email volunteers@lakeviewptsa.org.

Art Docents

Art docents are parents who have a desire to explore art with kids. There’s no special teaching or art experience required… just a willingness to try something new! Ideally each classroom will have two Art Docents and a few assistants. Docents will be provided with one monthly lesson and will be …

Room Parent

The room parent’s primary responsibility is to be a liaison between the teacher, PTSA, and the other parents in the class. The teacher may ask you to write up a reminder of a class event, or to ask for volunteers for a class activity like a field trip. The PTSA may ask you to send out info that needs a more personal touch than the Lakeview newsletter. After that it’s up to each room parent to decide how they want to build community in their classroom.

Volunteer Spotlight

Lakeview PTSA is a volunteer-led organization. We couldn’t do anything without our parent and teacher volunteers. Here are recent spotlights on a few of our volunteers. Gia Parsons Nina Karamehmedovic Anne Jensen Coleen Roberts Alison Sheffer Additionally, each year the Lakeview PTSA presents a Golden …